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Both the world we live in and the supernatural world are inhabited by angels and devils in one form or another.

Good and evil, saints and sinners, light and darkness ...

In the worlds we have visited countless times through the centuries in works of fiction by many a scribe, dwell similar inhabitants, only more clearly formed.

Metaphor and allegory? Merely creatures and beings that haunt the pages of these books?

Who's to say that fiction and our everyday lives are not somehow interwoven sometimes? Who's to say that these creatures and beings are not merely confined to the pages of a well-told tale?

Maybe, just maybe, the metaphors and allegory contained within these tomes, are as real as the person you pass on the street, or your neighbours, friends and lovers!

Maybe, indeed ...


David Barton is the editor of Lost Souls Magazine - The horror magazine online!  A dark communion of souls.  New writers of short horror fiction, articles and reviews.  Submissions welcome!
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