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Los Angeles, CA---November 21-22, 2003---Los Angeles-based Anxiety Films is at it again, scheduling their third annual Shock-O-Rama-A-Go-Go 24-hour film-a-thon for November 21-22, 2003.  The festival will take place at the Vine Theatre (6321 Hollywood Blvd) in Hollywood, CA. Doors will open at 7pm on Friday night and won't close until at least 2 A.M. on Sunday morning.

Bursting at the seams with celebrities and extravagant perquisites (including a chance to ogle the luscious girls of Suicidegirls.com, Mistress Satanica, and the lovely Julie Strain), this year's Shock-O-Rama will be hosted by Sham The Famous Hooker, and Count Smokula. Other guests include: DON EDMONDS  (Ilsa: She Wolf of the S.S., Ilsa: Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks), TED V. MIKELS (Blood Orgy of the She Devils, Doll Squad), JULIE STRAIN (The Rowdy Girls, Sex Court) and a number of additional surprise guests to shock and astonish you.  Friday night will feature this years hottest B-movie bands, and Saturday night will feature the hottest Burlesque show in the world.

More than twenty films will be presented, including our Gross Out Shorts program. Midnight Movie devotees will welcome old favorites such as: Ilsa: Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks, Basket Case, Doll Squad, Eaten Alive, Zombie Holocaust, Two Orphan Vampires, and Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.  The discerning moviegoer will thrill at the chance to see the world premiere of Flesh for the Beast on the big screen. Those who loved ED WOOD long before his recent resurgence in popularity won't want to miss the classic Glen Or Glenda.  And dont miss our Asian Invasion with such flicks as Battle Royale, Versus, and many, many more.

Prizes and giveaways from select sponsors will be in high demand.  A wide array of DVDs, videos, t-shirts, buttons, and an abundance of other B-movie and horror movie merchandise will be available for purchase.  And, of course, all attendees are strongly encouraged, but by no means required, to come in costume.   Saturday night will feature a Come dressed as Bettie Page costume contest, with a prize, to benefit those who dare to lobby against laws restricting Lap Dances at Strip Clubs.

2001's Shock-O-Rama-A-Go-Go was described as a "messy", "frightening", "eerie", "rude", "unruly", and "anarchical", "nonstop scarathon" by the LA New Times.  L. A. Weekly called  Shock-O-Rama a "grueling gross-a-thon" that "didn't disappoint, especially when the overnighters, sipping alcohol out of colostomy bags, began to talk to the screen
a la Mystery Science Theatre 3000." And surely this politically troubled year will unearth veritable legions of movie buffs eager to, as the LA Downtown News  quoted Anxiety Films president ERIC S.  EICHELBERGER as saying, "get their aggression out along with their fill of blatant sex, violence, and ultimate gore." Those esoteric souls who do feel the need to question (but not countermand) their eccentric and violent tastes will have the opportunity to stimulate their brains in a series of lectures and subsequent Q-and-A sessions with the festival's special guests.

Don Edmonds will be on hand to discuss his latest projects, his fascination with Nazi Women, and his upcoming project with Dave Friedman.  Ted V. Mikels will give it to us with his analysis of the exploitation girl-gang flick.  Julie Strain will tell us about her latest involvement with TROMAs upcoming Tales From the Crapper and her film Blood Gnome.

Finally, if you've had enough of talk and are ready for some action, then thrill to the rocking B-Movie bands who will be thrilling you on Friday Night!  Prepare yourself, because after Friday's Asian Invasion has got you worked up to a frenzy, Saturday night Mistress Satanica, The Fishnet Floozies, the girls from RolleyDerby, The Suicide Girls, and Sweetloaf will thrill us with the hottest Burlesque show this side of a Texas Topless Hootenanny.

Shock-O-Rama tickets start at $15 in advance, but will be available at the door for $20 - however, it is strongly suggested that you purchase your ticket in advance, as this event is expected to sell out. Tickets can be purchased at www.anxietyfilms.com and will also be available at Arons Records in Hollywood. Ample parking is a mere $5, and is located across the street.  Guests are encouraged to bring sleeping bags and pillows.  Guests are also encouraged to Audience Participate or as Anxiety Films organizer Eric S. Eichelberger like to call it yell insults back at the screen a la Mystery Science Theatre 3000.  Those looking for a very quiet, serious cinema experience of quality Hollywood Studio films are strongly encouraged not to attend.

For more information, email Anxiety Films at info@anxietyfilms.com

or call (323) 666-2871, or visit http://www.anxietyfilms.com


Friday November 21, 2003:

7 PM  Doors Open, Prizes for early-birds, giveaways for Flesh For The Beast West Coast Premiere

7:30 Flesh For the Beast West Coast Premiere!

9PM  Ilsa: Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks Screens (35mm print)

Introduction by director Don Edomonds, Q and A following the film

11PM  Gitane Demone, formerly from Christian Death performs LIVE on stage with her new band!

11:30 PM  Penis Flytrap performs LIVE on stage

Saturday, November 22, 2003:

12:00 AM  Dirty Sanchez performs LIVE on stage (tentative)

12:30 AM Asian Invasion Begins!

12:30  AM Versus (from 35 mm print)

2:00 AM  Battle Royale on the big screen!

3:30  AM Eaten Alive

5:00 AM  Zombie Holocaust

6:30  AM  Ed Woods Glen Or Glenda

8:00 AM  Jean Rollins Two Orphan Vampires

9: 30 AM Breakfast Break!

10: 00 AM Horror Shorts Program (Independent Horror Shorts!)

11:00 AM Teenage Tupolo (A dirty Burlesque freakshow by John Michael McCarthy)

12:30 PM Fear of a Limp Planet (Planetary Premiere!)

2:00 PM  Blood Gnome w/ Julie Strain (World Premiere)

Intro by Julie and Lizzy Strain, Q and A following the film with Julie and Lizzy Strain!

3:30 PM Death Bed: The Bed That Eats 16mm Print! (World Premiere)

5:00 PM Basket Case with Frank Hennenlotters blessing!

6:30 PM I Drink Your Blood

With introduction by director, Q and A afterwards (tentative)

8:00 PM Doll Squad 35mm print (only one in known existence)

Intro by director Ted V. Mikels, Q and A after the film, Ted V. Mikels will be on hand to sign autographs after the screening!

10: 00 PM Burlesque-O-Rama

With Sweetloaf, Mistress Satanica, Fishnet Floozies, B-moviegirls, and the Suicidegirls from Suicidegirls.com (tentative)

11:00 PM The Sharp Ease (From Los Angeles)

11:30 PM T.V. Sheriff (tentative)

12: 00 PM Beyond the Valley of the Dolls 35 mm print!  Subsequent Q and A with some of the original cast members.

2:00 AM After-Party with booze at undisclosed location!

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