________Lost Souls_______

Issue Two    Halloween Special    October 2003

The editor taking Halloween a little too seriously!

It's that time of year again, the witching season! Yes, All Hallow's Eve is upon us once more, and if you can tear yourself away from bobbing for apples and pestering your neighbours for their hard-earned cash, as you lurk around your neighbourhood dressed as ghouls, ghosts and goblins, you may care to feast your eyes on this, issue two of Lost Souls.

And they said it wouldn't last!

So what horrors have we got to unleash upon you at this, the most fitting time of the year for such things?

Well, who better to be the star of the Halloween issue than rip-roaring scream queen Chainsaw Sally, who I interviewed (and I still have the stitches to prove it!)

Once I'd had my limbs stitched back together, I then interviewed Stephanie S. Woods (quite a pleasant experience after a chainsaw killer I can tell you!)

Also there is a feature on a new graphic comic / magazine of the movie Halloween, which also acts as a souvenir of the anniversary of the film (can you believe it's 25 years since Michael Myers first donned the old mask and decided to kill a few babysitters?!)

Halloween also features on our Classic Frights page too!

Also, especially for Halloween, I have complied the Halloween Hit Parade, the top sensational sounds for Halloween, crypt-kickers!

And of course there is a whole bunch of short fiction for you to work your way through!

Plus news, and reviews, and humour!

Could you ask for anything more? You could?! What do you want - blood?! I already shed that for you!


David Barton


October 2003

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