________Lost Souls_______

Issue One      Summer Issue     July 2003

The editor on a bad night!

Summer is no fun for vampires, all those bright sunny days; they tend to spend most of their time in the shade, sipping Absinthe ...

But summer is a great time for you horror fans out there, because you've just got a brand new zine!

Yes Lost Souls is here, originally intended to be an A5 zine available by mail order, the first issue was to feature Nosferatu on the cover.

Ah, Nosferatu, that old creepy classic of vampire celluloid with Max Schreck (that's the handsome looking gentleman adorning our contents page) as the thinly veiled first ever screen Dracula.

So good is this silent horror that they made a film about the making of it, Shadow of the Vampire (see picture above) in 2000, as if the aforementioned Mr Schreck was actually a vampire. His performance and appearance in the original certainly raises the question!

Welcome then to issue one of Lost Souls, a magazine about horror and the supernatural.

The emphasis is on new writers in horror fiction, article writing and reviews etc, including myself.

Somewhere for we lost souls to find a voice!

In this first (vampire special) issue you'll find an interview with erotic horror queen Alex Severin, discover the dark and seductive world of Vampire Girl, Amy Cartwright as we interview her about her fiction, there's an article on the history of vampire films, a piece about legendary real life creatures that suck the blood of goats in South America, short fiction, reviews of horror films, books and more!

Plenty there to get your teeth into (if you'll forgive my ghastly attempt at humour there!)

David Barton


July 2003

P.S.: Special thanks to Alex Severin for the interview, the story and everything else (it was worth losing 4 pints of blood for!)

Thanks to the other contributors: Amy Cartwright, Stephanie Simpson-Woods, Walter Anderson, and Nancy Jackson (who were a bit more easier going on me!)

Also thanks to Chainsaw Sally for letting me link to her reviews page (it beats having to write my own!)

Last but definitely not least thanks to Poppy Z. Brite, for the title firstly, and for making my day by saying she was honoured to have a magazine named after her.

Now I'm going to have a lie down, I feel a little faint!

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